Heavy Duty Low Flatbed Loader Deck Lowboy Trailers

Original price was: $7,900.00.Current price is: $6,000.00.

Experience the epitome of versatility and strength with our Heavy Duty Low Flatbed Loader Deck Lowboy Trailers. These robust trailers come in 40, 60, and 100-ton capacities, equipped with either 3 axles or 4 axles to cater to a wide range of transport requirements.

  • Built to handle heavy loads, these low flatbed loader deck trailers provide exceptional stability and durability, ensuring secure transportation of even the most substantial cargo.
  • The option to choose from 3 axles or 4 axles allows you to select the ideal configuration based on your specific payload and road regulations, providing the flexibility you need for various transport scenarios.
  • These trailers are engineered with industry-leading materials and construction techniques, designed to withstand challenging terrains, rough roads, and prolonged use, making them a dependable workhorse for your heavy hauls.
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